Friday, April 17, 2009

My Birthday

Okay, talking about my birthday last 26th March. I'm at school that time. It's quite of fun. That night, i slept a little earlie not like i always does. Maybe i was so tired that night. At 12.00 am suddenly i sense that someone is looking at me. I open my eyes and i can see many of my friends that's was around me looking and they sing Happy birthday.

I was so shock. They smiles and get out some foods. I don't know where they bought it. I said. " What is this?!!" They said. " Happy Birthday Nabila!!" i feel so happy that night. We celebrated my birthday untill one o'clock and we only stop untill i've told them to go to sleep since we have school tomorrow.

Today is Thursday and it was my birthday. Many of my friends and classmates shout Happy Birthday to me. That moring i walk in the class when suddenly all of my classmates sing a Happy Birthday song to me. I was so shy and quickly walk to my desk. I met him he smiles at me. I smiles back.

I was so shock that night when suddenly Kak Idah came to find me. She smiles at me and i ask " Why?" she smiles and said. " There's a form 5 student said Happy birthday and kirim salam to you." I said " Who?" she said " Didn't you know him?" ask her. I said no. " F---- -----N" I said oooo and quickly get into the room.

I was so shock. What a brave of him to tell me that. This was my 14th birthday and i love it so much. It means everything to me.