Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Love Story

This is what i wrote at school when fucking damn bored in class. This is i think all about me..

I still remember the first night we met.
You stares at me and shouted my name loudly
Everyone look at us
It's a bit ashame yeah... huhu
I think it was just a coincidence that god make for us
The god make us met and fall for each other
That was just memories..
There's nothing like that anymore
Now, we just keep starring at each other without a smile
Something i think you hurt looking at my attitude talking and playing with my boy friends..
It is so hard for us to be a couple
We don't ought to be together
You always look at me, but your friends?
They torture my feelings
Maybe we are just crushing at each other
The god made us met just to know each other
But it's okay i know who i am
There are many girls out there are better than me for you
Just forget me!!
Don't cry There's nothing to regret anymore
Love is not with us
I'm sorry
I can't do this anymore
It hurts my feelings....