Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Popping To Say Hi

Okay from now on, i'll be using a picture in every of my story. This is the picture for this story.

Hey everyone long time no see. I am busy with so many things. Schools, exams, friends, boys and girls. I am home now after two weeks of exams,the most thing that i don't like in school. Well forget it.. Now i'm home and i can do so many things here freely, messaging, playing the comp and everything. I can get out of my head from school and i can sings.. happilly. MERDEKA!! yeye... what a stupid me.Okay there's so many things happenned at school. This couple of days.

Syawal, Pija, Fahmi and pokku always stares at me like they want to eat me. I personally don't like it. I know there's something that Syawal wanted to say. But he just keep his mouth shut without any words go out. It's better like that bcause i don't want any arguing when FF knows. SOme of the form4 students said that my face looks like him.

I feel so annoying when i walk past themm, they'll said 'Look at her face, Like Syawal right?' i was so annoying and quickly run away before they look at my face again. I once look at my face. Yeah there's a little my face same with him. Well if he's my brother, it's okay. We have the same face haha.

Okay, now is about the form 4 students. What about them? Syafiq and Wafa always thinks that me and my fellow friends stare at them. Hei sorrylah. So many other people can i look at at that school. You Syafiq qhat's wrong with you? You seems shy to meet me. I don't know why buit you throw a piece of paper at me and i scold you. You are hiding behind the door. Didn't i know that you are behind that. Stupid GUY!!

Okay, the last thing is about a guy. I don't know what's his name. he is a form 4 students. He called me and i turn to look at him he said. " Hey, one of my friends send his regards to you. " who is ask. "......." i don't know who because his voice is so sharp. Furthermore is was so noisy at that time. After that, they always look at me. Like at the train station. I get out my cellphone. Yeah i am a naughty girl. Brought a phone to school.

They walk pass me with a smile. I think they want to have my number because they've asked Aina to ask me whether i want to give my number to them. I said if they want, they have to ask me themself. Serves them right.

Okay i thing this is all the things that happenned that i can remember. I've wrote in a book my book has left in my house. So this is just a little about the story.