Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am bored

Okay.. This picture is fo this story. I don't know any other picture to pick. Just this one that i think beautiful. I know it don't suits this story right?

Okay now i'm getting bored an bored. I think it is better for me to go to school. Now at my watch it is already 9.15p.m. Yeah right know i am prep if i am at school and you and your friends will be at the foyer. Studying or peeping i think. Ahhh.. it doesn't matter. You peep at me right?

I have some homework to do but i am too lazy to do it. What's wrong with me? I know when my grades reaches home, i will be dead meat. Owh no!! I am so afraid. What do other people think of me if i have 2.5 down again? My mom really desire me to get 3.00 and up. I can't okay.

I've failed for Science. I only get 52 in Maths and i also fail in seni. What's wrong with me? Seni is one of the easiest thing in earth. Well maybe don't have the heart to do seni. Yeah well i admit it. I am not as creative as my siblings. THey can draw perfectly no like me. i've tried many times. I don't know what's wrong with me. All of the drawings make my head spin.

I only love to hear the music. I can get my head out of all of the stress that i have. Urgh... My parents ust be mad at me. Owh.. i am so afraid. God please help me....