Saturday, May 30, 2009

Banned the LDP!!

Okay. I am using this picture for this story.. Yeah it's cute right?

Hey you guys!! Me here want to make a group called Banned The LDP. LDP mean Lembaga Disiplin Pelajar or Prefects in MRSM. There are about 60 in my school if i'm not mistaken. Some of the students called the LDP Lembaga Dibenci Pelajar. Yeah right. We hate them. They are stinks. Especially the 09/10 generation.

Okay it was like this there was a LDP Practical season in my school. THey are like doing an audition. There are 12 pupils altogether in form 2. And you know what!! 5 of them are in my class. Owh they are so annoying. I can't even hit the law. Stupid LDP.

They are aftering my cellphone. Yeah i brought the phone. Here, there's something i want to tell you. If you want to take my phone take the precident first. And after that i'll give you mine. Fatihah, my classmate(LDP Practical) said " Your name is with ustaz already. This is because you brought the phone and everything you've made." i look at her and said " What do i care?? And it's none of your business right?" i ask and walk away.

She become so proud after being the ldp practical. I don't want her to be the BWP it was awful if she is the bwp. Our school will ruin. Yeah i admit it. I am a naughty girl in school. I brought cellphone to school, i only wear 'selipar jepun' to BA not wearing sandals and stocking, i don't wear the scarf, i certaily always do bad stuff.

Fatihah also, hey if you really liked Syafiq Syazwan, then married him. What so stupid. Every night after prep you will wear your perfume to walk down the stair. Do you think he likes you no way. The things you said about you and Fadil. It's incredible. I can't beleive it. But i think that you are already stinks. Someone has touches your body. You are STINKS!!

I think this is it for now. But i really hate the LDP 09/10. I HATE THEM SO MUCH..