Thursday, March 19, 2009


I think i've hurt someone. It's a guy. He loves me so much. But what have i done???!! I hurt him everybody.. Owh no... I hurt him two times in a day. It was the last day school. And it was the last day i can see him in this month. I'm sorry.. So.. sorry.

The story was like this. There's a girl called illa(me) talking with a guy(her friend) called Aiman. They are talking and laughing together on a desk side by side. Suddenly Pija(the guy whom i've hurted) walks beside my class. He stares me in my eyes. Owh i was so afraid that time and i quickly look away. I don't want to look at his misery eyes. It was sad. The second was i was walking to the canteen when somebody called my name and i turn to look at who. It was a guy(don't know what his name). He gives me a gift. He said, " Happy Birthday. I love you" when i was talking to that guy, pija suddenly walk beside us. He stops in front of us and luckily his friend called his name and pull him away.

I'm, sorry!!! I didn't mean too. You don't even replies my messages. I miss you. The two guys have nothing to do with me. They are just my friends includes the guy that gave me the gift. I am so so... sorry. And now i feel so sad that you don't even reply any of my messages. Somebody please help me!! Anybody.. please.. I've hurted him. Okay.. that's all about him.